Cocktail photography and original recipes.
Avocado Paloma with Patrón Reposado, 2023
Avocado Paloma with Patrón Reposado. Designed by Eddie Baty. 2023
Cocktail designed by Maxwell Dean of Watertrade in Austin, TX. 2023
"Kaiju Tamago." Shochu based cocktail for Godzilla's Birthday, 2023. Designed by Eddie Baty.
Award winning cocktail titled: "Forbade." A black rice horchata cocktail with Suze and black rice horchata sugar. Designed by Eddie Baty. 2023
"Kanpachi Dirty" by Xteve Guillen of Watertrade of Watertrade in Austin. 2023
"Scarecrow." Corn Liqueur, Shochu, and peated Japanese Whisky. Designed by Eddie Baty. 2023
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